Risk Assessment and Management

  • Identify, evaluate, and address safety risks and emerging trends.
  • Use regular, periodic, and objective assessments to ensure compliance with the company and applicable legal requirements.

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Leadership Commitment

  • Integration of health & safety into business plans, results, performance reviews and other business routines.
  • Regular and visible leadership involvement in health & safety communication and improvement activities, including annual updates of the organization’s health & safety performance goals and objectives.

Engaged & Capable Employees

Provide clearly defined roles and responsibilities, training, communication systems and participation opportunities to promote effective engagement from employees at all levels.

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Safety Culture

  • Promote a positive safety culture through active engagement at all levels of the organization, including system leaders, employees, networks, and contractors.
  • Enable an action oriented positive safety culture.
  • Establish processes and learning teams that regularly evaluate and reinforce safe work behaviors, understand the context of the way work is done, and ensure that effective procedures are in place.
  • Ensure senior leadership at each worksite sets the example, promotes safe work behaviors, and ensures the necessary tools and resources are available for safe work to occur.
  • Ensure employees are encouraged, supported, and empowered to participate in safety processes.
  • Ensure employee feedback is solicited to identify strengths and weaknesses of the safety program and take appropriate action.
  • Establish processes to ensure safety trends are identified and analyzed with effective action plans established.

Objectives and Performance Tracking

Establish and regularly track the organization’s health & safety performance goals and objectives.

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