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HDS 7000 Series Equipment

Areas Customers are using HDLS:

  • Retrofit engineering and design
  • Construction
  • Fabrication
  • Maintenance
  • Final as-build documentation
  • Plant Lifecycle management


How Customers are Using HDLS:

  • Complete As-Built 3D Model
  • Measuring Tool
  • Partial As-Built Modeling - Model On Demand
  • New Design - Model Directly In Cloud
  • Handshake CAD to Cloud
  • Routing Tool - Pipe, Tray, Duct, etc...
  • Interference Tool
  • GA / Conceptual layout Tool
  • Visualization Tool


Value To Customers:

  • Safer Project
  • Significant Project Savings
  • Reduced Site Trips


HDS Delivers

  • Constructability and Planning Tool
  • Precise and Complete Data
  • Validation of Existing Information
  • Better Design, Layout, and GA's
  • Design and Concept Review
  • Reduced Financial Risk
  • Faster Startup & Completion


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